A more effective way to communicate

Digital Signage is a content distribution platform for delivering rich media content to one or more digital displays. These displays can communicate information like, news feeds, live TV, weather, calendars, restaurant menus, various advertising and more...

Whether you are a small business or large corporation, be it a single stand-alone unit or an enterprise-wide network, BiZZ Graphics can offer you cost-effective digital signage and interactive solutions. We provide professional displays, digital signage players, software, creative content design, installation and support.

Reception & Waiting Room Displays

Waiting for an appointment is a pretty dull experience for most people. A lively information screen can help to pass the time and keep people up to date with the latest developments. Our digital signage players can combine your organisations messages and advertising with live TV, news feeds & weather information. 

Digital Menu Boards

Moving to Digital Menu Boards is a smart choice for any restaurant, cafe or deli. Our software allows you to change pricing and promotions remotely across all of your restaurants and schedule content based on the time of the day or weekday to maximise menu board real estate.

Digital Menu Boards rival the cost of traditional signs over time due to ease of updating information. They also lift sales and create a more modern environment for your customers.

Retail Digital Signage

Go digital and replace costly & usually temporary printed materials. Digital Signage attracts more customers by providing a captivating visual experience, dynamic and engaging content.

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