Privacy, Protection & Style

Our company offers a wide range of commercial window film services.
Films we use offer protection from break ins & harmful UV rays, while also adding privacy & style to your property.

Frosted Privacy Window Film

Window films can turn an ordinary clear window into something more private and more exciting without the expense or hassle of window replacement. Whether a plain frosted film, frosted film with a custom logo or design cut-out, or an elaborate decorative pattern, decorative film is the perfect way to transform a window from ordinary to extraordinary.

Security Films

Prevent break ins and smash and grabs with this clear glass protection. Security film can be clear, frosted or tinted. 

Anti Fade / U.V. Protection Films

U.V. protection films reject 99.9 % of ultraviolet light and reduce fading to keep your office looking it's best. For all the joy that unfiltered sunlight brings when it shines through your windows, it does cause fading in furniture and other fabrics, natural wood flooring, artworks, photos, and other valuables.

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